Commercial architecture includes most buildings used for business, such as office buildings, malls, stores, casinos and light manufacturing.

In 1985, a new company called Satellite Software approached Brower & Associates about an addition to a warehouse. Next, a small office building was designed. Then existing office spaces were remodeled. The company then changed its name to WordPerfect Corporation and twenty more buildings worth more than $100 million were designed by Brower & Associates and constructed in Orem and Lindon, Utah. For six years, Brower & Associates spent nearly all of our time with the WordPerfect projects. They include:

  • Buildings A, B, C w/ addition, D, E, F, G w/ addition, H, J, K, M, N, Q and S (security).
  • The Hard Disk Café
  • Softcopy One, Two, Three and Four
  • The bus stop

In June, 2003, Brower & Associates was awarded the contract from Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Utah, for architectural and engineering services for the next two years (working with Thomas Engineering, Hegerhorst Engineering and Spectrum/Bennion).

We are also starting preliminary design for a $11 million residential treatment facility for at-risk youth.

Other commercial buildings include:

  • ABA Properties, Orem, Utah
  • Bruce Nelson Construction, Springville, Utah
  • Chub's Automotive, Orem, Utah
  • El Aero Airline, Elko, Nevada
  • Dale White Toyota, Elko, Nevada
  • Industry West, Orem, Utah
  • Label Express, Orem, Utah
  • MiraMar Office Building, Orem, Utah
  • SCERA Shell Performing Arts Facility, Orem, Utah
  • Schmidt's Bakery, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • The Hard Disk Café, Orem, Utah
  • Twin Labs, Orem, Utah
  • and many others

Shopping mall buildings

  • Adobe Mall, Elko, Nevada
  • Saratoga Springs Mall, Building A, Saratoga Springs w/ Daniel Cook
  • Saratoga Springs Mall, Building C, Saratoga Springs w/ Daniel Cook

Shopping mall spaces:

  • Churros Ole, Provo Towne Mall, Provo
  • Le Nails, Provo Towne Mall, Provo
  • Pretzelmaker & TCBY, Grand Mesa Mall, Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Schmidt's Bakery, Salt Lake City