With the growth of cities and the escalating cost of building sites, multi-family housing has seen a great upsurge. People are moving away from the traditional family home on a large lot to apartments, condos and other attached housing. Cities are moving to allow more upscale projects to improve their housing mix.

While working in Salt Lake and attending school, Mr. Brower worked for one of the premier housing architects, Ron Molen. For over two years, he did nothing but single-family houses and apartment complexes.

Since opening its office in the Orem area, Brower & Associates has designed twin homes, duplexes, four-plexes and condominium units. State law currently requires an architect as the design professional on all connected housing over three units.

In 2001, Spyglas Condominiums were designed and built south of Brigham Young University. The complex had eighteen units, each unit with four single-person bedrooms. Due to the constricted site, the units were built over a parking garage.

Currently, 12-unit condominium units are under construction in Elko, Nevada (21 buildings), Moab, Utah (6 buildings), and Saratoga Springs, Utah (2 buildings). Forty-eight apartments are ready for construction in Elko, Nevada. A 218-unit apartment complex in West Wendover, Nevada is nearly ready for construction.